Roof Repair, Restoration and Painting

Roof Repair, Roof Restoration and Roof Painting in Canberra

Look Up Roof Restoration is a well-established Dulux Registered Roof Applicator (Licence: RO185) based in Canberra-Queanbeyan and Batemans Bay. We’re experts when it comes to implementing the Dulux AcraTex roof restoration system, applying Dulux Roof & Trim on metal roofs, and installing Colorbond guttering systems. Put simply, Look Up Roof Restoration takes care of all your roof restoration and roof painting needs in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Batemans Bay.

To understand our roof restoration and roof painting process, which is suitable for both tile and metal roofs, please read on or view the short Dulux videos.


Prior to starting the actual restoration, we conduct a full roof inspection to identify the age, condition and type of roof (this also helps us choose the right primer). We then replace any damaged tiles, ridge caps, corrugated iron, roof valleys and flashing with new components.


The next step in the preparation process is to clean the roof thoroughly. At Look Up Roof Restoration, we use a Honda 15hp pressure cleaner (3,600 psi) to remove any grime, pollution, mould, algae, lichen, mildew and animal droppings from the roof. We don’t use any detergents or harsh chemicals on your roof – just water.

STEP 3 - Re-bed and Re-point (tile roofs)

We replace any mortar that’s crumbling beneath the ridge capping (a process called re-bedding) and between the tiles (a process called re-pointing). We always use a quality bedding cement when re-bedding, along with Flexipoint (a leading flexible pointing compound) when re-pointing.

STEP 4 - Sterilise

After we’ve repaired the roof, we sterilise it with Dulux AcraTex PrepTreat – a water-based sterilising solution that takes care of bacteria, fungus and algae on the roof surface. The AcraTex PrepTreat is usually dispensed from a hand or backpack sprayer.

STEP 5 - Prime

The final stage in the preparation process is priming. We use a number of quality Dulux AcraTex primers, including Roof Sealer WB (for newer and smoother tiles), Roof Primer Surfacer (for older or pitted tiles) and Roof Primer MX (for metal roofs). A single coat of primer is sufficient in most situations.

STEP 6 - Top Coat

The final step involves the application of the roof membrane or roof paint. We generally use Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Next Generation on tile roofs, and Dulux Roof & Trim on metal roofs. Both products are highly-regarded and come with long warranties: 10 Years for Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Next Generation, and 15 years for Dulux Roof & Trim.